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Xenoverse 2 Character Installer by eternity

Yes, you read correctly.

Thanks to eternity installing a mod for your roster has never been easier. This tool aims to remove incompability between your favorite mods, so you can enjoy all of them without going through the lengthy process of manually setting them up yourself.

It comes with a mod creator module aswell, which will help modders  to deliver their creations in a simple package.

The tool is still being worked on, so make sure you always update to the latest version.


Get the tool here

Free DLC SSGSS Kaioken Goku and New Instructors Confirmed

Contents for up-coming Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC have been announced! From our understanding, this will be free DLC (and not part of pack 1). The DLC will contain new instructors/mentors – Bardock, Future Gohan, Whis, Cooler, and Android 16 – who will train you so you can learn their moves. SSGSS Kaioken Goku is also confirmed along with a new form of Hit with a new skill.

There will be 6 new accessories/equipment items, 24 new techniques, and a Frieza Army Raid which can result in obtaining 10 new Frieza army outfits. A release date has not yet been announced.


Source: saiyanisland

Raid Quest this weekend!

This week-end, Conton City is under attack! Be ready Time Patrollers, two formidable foes will need to be defeated: Cell on Saturday (Nov. 5th) and Great Ape Baby on Sunday (Nov 6th).

Raid Quests will begin at 14.00 CET/9am PDT and will last for 3 hours. To be successful, you will need to beat the boss at level 99 (the Boss gains a level when he is defeated).

There are awesome rewards to reap:

  • All participants will receive 10 000 Zeni
  • If you manage to beat the boss at level 99, all participating players will receive costumes (upper part on Saturday, bottom part on Sunday)
  • The 6 players of the team who deliver the final blow will each receive 10 TP Medals

How to Install Mods for Xenoverse 2!

Hello guests, a lot of you are wondering how to install mods on xenoverse 2. So we are here to answer that question. First and foremost, most file types and structures are back for this installment so modders are currently working hard to provide new modding tools and tutorials to help you out 🙂

You will need to download the Tools

To use the cpk patcher, please follow these instructions:

Video Tutorial by The Mad Titan –

Simplified instructions for advanced users –

  1. Copy the files to the “DB Xenoverse 2” folder in \steamapps\common
  2. Create a folder named “data” in \steamapps\common\DB Xenoverse 2
  3. Drag any mods you have downloaded into this data folder
  4. That’s it!

Note: if a mod contains both a “data” folder and a “data2” folder, it is safe to assume that the contents are intended to be packed with CRIpack. However the patcher takes priority over all CPK files, so the contents of both “data” and “data2” should be moved to the patcher’s data folder.

YouTube functionality for mods!

Hey guys the sites had a long awaited update, you now have the ability to add up to 3 YouTube videos into your mod page. Please update your mods now if you have YouTube videos for them.

I am also taking suggestions for any other information you think we could include in mod pages, let me know in the comments.

Update – Download only for board members

As many of you may have noticed it is no longer possible to download mods as a guest anymore. Only logged-in users are able to find download links to the content provided by However, you may still browse the database and leave comments via Disqus.

This has a very specific reason:

For many months now we have tried to warn everyone on multiple occasions about the consequences of what we like to call “mod plagiarism”. Several users that remain nameless for security purposes have repeatedly been taking other people’s hard work and adding it to their own ‘modpacks’, using foreign assets without first consulting the author to ask for permission or even claiming they created the mod in question on their own. This has become somewhat of a large problem recently, since many of these so-called modders are gaining a massive increase in popularity from sites like Youtube where potential supporters are drawn to pretty titles and the promise of an all-in-one essential assortment of mods. And they do receive massive support!

Some of them even make money off of this process by using ad links, taking money directly from the content creators. They argue that the content is not theirs to begin with, but in a lot of cases, modders create unique content from scratch and are losing out as a consequence.

Most of the modders who are affected provide their content for free, they have no monetary gain at all from their work. In addition they have already stated that in most cases they would have given the permission to include it in a different mod, if the uploader would have asked beforehand.

Unfortunately, this never happened. Because of this the community has lost many of their best, and interest in continuing to provide content for everyone is declining.

To secure the interests of those who are giving their best to serve the community we are now more actively enforcing the board rules. We are sorry if this is an inconvenience for all of you, but considering the alternative we think it is a step we have to take.

– Val E Ryon & Komodo